National Science Agency select Citadel IX for its secure, cloud-based information management

The Citadel Group, a global leader in secure, enterprise information management has signed a landmark three-year agreement with Australia’s national science agency to deliver secure, cloud-based information management.

As global innovators and one of the most multi-disciplinary research organisations in the world, the agency solves the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology collaborations.

With staff and researchers located throughout Australia and around the world, cyber and information security is a mission-critical priority for the agency.

With ransomware attacks on the rise due to COVID-19, cyber intrusions on government systems, critical infrastructure and other information networks are a real and increasing threat to Australia’s national interests. The agency recognises that cyber technologies and cybersecurity are essential to an advanced, safe and secure Australia.

CSIRO Parkes Observatory

Secure cloud collaboration and research 

As an early adopter of cloud-based solutions and an organisation very familiar with technology, the agency considered designing an enterprise cloud solution in-house. Among their requirements was the need to collaborate securely with both internal and external stakeholders.

“The real benefit with Citadel IX is they can outsource the secure data storage and pro-active monitoring of our Information Management Solution as a fully managed service that it will continuously evolve to respond the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.”

Stewart Hollingdrake, Public Sector lead at Citadel

“This agreement stands as an outstanding endorsement of the superior quality of the Citadel IX platform. While it is true that all of our clients expect (and receive) the highest standards of secure information management, this flagship agreement stands apart because it is with the national agency responsible for setting the government’s ICT agenda.”

Mark McConnell, Citadel’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Citadel IX will go live throughout the agency and will enable Australia’s top scientists to continue their important research projects with minimal to zero downtime and maximum collaboration, enabling the vast number of research hubs to work together remotely.

The deal follows The Citadel Group’s recent achievements of ISO 27001 certification and assessment at the PROTECTED level by Information Security Registered Assessor Program (IRAP) earning the prestigious honour of being the first publicly available platform to achieve such a high level of security recognition.

With a thorough commitment to issues relating to security, The Citadel Group successfully addressed no less than 850 processes and procedures to achieve the IRAP Assessment.

Australian innovation modernising content management globally

Citadel IX is an electronic document and records management system (eDRMS) Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that helps organisations securely manage all records, regulatory data and content in the cloud. Citadel is the only Micro Focus global platinum partner for Content Manager and was also awarded the ‘Partner of the Year’ ANZ in 2020.

“Citadel IX is the only publicly-available IRAP platform nationally, making both the ISO 27001 certification and IRAP assessment testament to the hard work and commitment of The Citadel Group to bringing an unparalleled layer of security to our clients, including the Australia’s National Science Agency.” explains McConnell.

Mark McConnell, Citadel’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Citadel IX is the #1 eDRMS SaaS platform, selected by Micro Focus globally, to help enterprises and public sector organisations meet all their records, regulatory, data and content management needs in the secure cloud as a fully managed service.

As a fully managed, secure EDRMS platform, Citadel IX continually evolves to meet increasing cyber risk and regulatory needs. It is already being deployed throughout a growing number of public sector organisations, government departments, councils and universities; supporting more than 50,000 users across Australia alone.