Keep-Us-Safe Platform

Keep-Us-Safe is a citizen-centric digital platform designed to keep people safe and assist first responders to deal with emerging national and lone-wolf style threats.

The platform is designed to allow real-time video uploads and information capture in order to enhance the safety of you and your people.

Citadel's citizen-centric platform

This platform is designed to support a range of industries including national security, health, emergency services, education and financial services including insurance.

  • Real time management of security and emergency response
  • Live streaming calls, live capture and record of events
  • Upload facility for video and photos
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Command centre facilitating incident and call response
  • Real-time predictive analytics to enable decision making
  • Advanced video processing with computer vision technology
  • Big data platform that enables rapid collection and analysis of information
  • Push alerts prompting instant engagement in active events

How it works - Application

Designed to support a range of possible scenarios:

  • Emergency calls and security incidents
  • Domestic violence and child safety incidents
  • On-site incident tracking and recording
  • Real-time recording of people and assets
  • Online reporting, claim and case management


Key features include:

  • Activation – activate a call through touch, voice or configurable events
  • User Profile – store personal information such as name, address and medical conditions
  • Emergency – real-time emergency or incident assistance and response
  • Live Report – stream and record live videos to the platform
  • Upload – upload and capture photos
  • Alerts – receive real-time alerts and information (emergency situations, threat levels and natural disasters)
  • Locate – locate emergency services, first aid equipment, safe zones and hospitals
  • Location Services – accurately record and track current locations
  • Content Sharing – share information (demonstration videos, maps showing routing to the nearest safe zone)

How it works - Command Centre

The Command Centre is the centralised custom-build web application that is at the heart of the platform. The Command Centre provides tools to manage, track, record and respond to incoming requests including:

  • Call recording and replay
  • Push alerts
  • Field operations
  • Critical event perspective


Key features include:

  • Incident Management – manage thousands of emergency and non-emergency calls
  • Call Management – providing responders with critical information
  • Smart Routing – triage teams automatically based on route paths and availability
  • Smart Grouping – route calls to triage teams automatically based on configurable route paths and availability
  • Smart Notification – actively alert responders to unfolding events with key information
  • Recording and Replay – all media and metadata captured for analysis
  • Alerts – push alerts to users to provide information about current incidents



Doctor and nurse safety, reduction of assaults, sexual assault prevention, patient safety


Teacher and student safety, reduction of assaults, sexual assault prevention, abuse prevention


Reduction of fraudulent activity, real-time trusted evidence to back claims, increased efficiency of response


Real-time information capture, real-time collaboration and location tracking