The Citadel Health team at IBMS Congress 2022

The Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) is the leading professional body for scientists, support staff and students in the field of biomedical science, with over 21,000 members in 74 countries.

Since 1912, IBMS has been dedicated to the promotion, development, and delivery of excellence in biomedical science within all aspects of healthcare, and to providing the highest standards of service to patients and the public.

Citadel Health was a proud participant in the recent annual IBMS Congress exhibition, which combines business, networking and social exchange and enables delegates to view new equipment and products, extend general awareness of techniques/technologies, and rendezvous with representatives of the exhibiting companies.

The 2022 IBMS Congress event took place after two-year gap due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which put scientists and technology in the spotlight like never before. As well as being an important forum for developing professional skills and knowledge, IBMS Congress 2022 was a true celebration of science in all its variety, influence, potential and impact on society.

The IBMS Congress 2022

Held at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham from 14-17 March 2022, the event covered a wide range of scientific, professional, and vocational topics. Products and services from top medical suppliers were showcased in the largest biomedical exhibition in the UK. Speakers at the event included doctors, delegates and academics from the prestigious universities, corporate organisations, and NHS trusts.

Overcoming challenges, celebrating success

The event had a plenary programme on the 15th and 17th where delegates were able to hear the views, thoughts, and opinions of the pioneers in their field, providing a deeper understanding of what is happening in pathology that helps better manage their services and their careers.

This included the milestone achievement of access to HSST for biomedical scientists; a reflection on the challenges of managing the response to the UK COVID-19 pandemic; an overview of how molecular diagnostics is being integrated into our laboratory services, and the future for biomedical scientists that now enables them to supply and administer medicines.

The programme included a presentation from the new IBMS Chief Executive David Wells (a member of Citadel Health’s UK advisory board) on his vision for the IBMS. The intensive programme concluded with a fascinating talk from Martin Maley, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at The University of Sunderland on ‘How much does your blood group control your life?’

A peek into the future

Areas of focus in this year’s congress were cellular pathology, cytopathology, haematology, immunology, medical microbiology, laboratory management, point-of-care testing, virology and transfusion science. Some notable talks included ‘Future of Clinical Biochemistry’ – a session on health informatics and bioinformatics where the speaker discussed the relationship between big data & machine learning and laboratories, how laboratory data can add value to diagnosis and prognosis and real-world examples of how health informatics & bioinformatics are being used.

The IBMS Congress 2022

Another interesting session which presented a different perspective on the pandemic was the histopathology of COVID-19, where Dr Vivek Sekhawat from Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust provided insight into the rapid pace of elucidation of the pathology of COVID-19 by autopsy pathologists worldwide, the gross and microscopic morbid anatomical findings in COVID-19 as elucidated in published autopsy literature, and showcased some potential pathophysiological mechanisms involved.

Spotlight on Digital Pathology

The congress offered some niche insights on pathology. There were programmes and case study presentations on some interesting disciplines like tissue recognition, gynaecology, skin care, genomic testing and instrumentation. In one session, Will Davies, Senior Biomedical Scientist (Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust) spoke about implementing a digital pathology system across an entire region. Based on the shared experiences of biomedical scientists, project managers, procurement specialists and administrators, the session provided advice on how to implement and coordinate a digital pathology system on a large scale. It also provided many useful examples of how not to implement a digital pathology system.

In another talk Dr David Brettle, Trust Chief Scientific Officer (The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) spoke about the implementation and future scope of digital pathology, which is increasingly becoming established in the UK due to significant investment from the UK government and recognition that it is a vital next step. He explained how this is happening due to improved pathways and the potential of AI to support diagnosis. He discussed how this poses challenges for translation and adoption for the current technologies and took a speculative look at the potential of emerging technologies being developed and their impact on the digital journey ahead.

How Citadel Health software can help

Citadel Health is a leading healthcare technology provider trusted by more than 80% of NHS organisations and is committed to its mission to connect healthcare diagnostics for clinicians and improve patient care globally. Last year we won a substantial contract to future proof pathology services across Wales. By integrating our solutions with NHS Wales Welsh Clinical Portal, laboratories, hospitals and clinicians will have faster access to accurate, real-time pathology information across every discipline at their fingertips. To learn more about the development contact us today.