Enterprise Solutions


We work closely with Government and other agencies who require a high degree of security, workflow and automation. Our solutions include a range of current and emerging technologies such as CCTV, number plate recognition, facial capture and matching against alert lists, complex behavioural & video analytics, building security systems, and first responder networks.


Our National Security platform enables the public to actively assist first responders through uploading real-time national security related information in times of crisis. Data is processed through an advanced algorithmic analysis to enable real-time, usable information to national security responders. The application also supports alert notifications back to devices in the danger area.


Our emergency crisis management fusion system monitors, identifies and responds to identified threats. This complex platform include facial recognition in a crowd, number plate recognition, complex behavioural analytics, the ability to communicate real-time information on identified threats and security incidents to affected personnel, and the ability to identify and locate members during crises and for responding to alerts.


We design, acquire, integrate, train, deploy and support 24/7/365 complex secure videoconferencing environments globally using a range of technologies and encryptions. Our solutions accommodate multi-vendor interoperability and leverage existing network infrastructure.


We design, installed and provide ongoing maintenance and support for some of the most complex integrated audio visual solutions in Australia. Many of these rated up to and including Top Secret. Having supplied thousands of audio visual solutions during our time, our team exhibits a broad range of skills and expertise, enabling us to cater for specific business needs across the Federal and State Government, Defence and Secure Agencies, Health Care, Higher Education, Facilities Management and Finance sectors.


We support hospitals and regional area health services through the design, installation and maintenance of health ICT communication systems and components:

  • Technical suites (operating theatres)
  • Telemedicine
  • Nurse training, learning spaces and lecture theatres
  • Patient entertainment systems
  • Check-in, location and way finding kiosks


We design, acquire, integrate, train, supply and support complex secure collaboration and communication environments globally using a range of technologies and encryptors. We also supply trusted and secure videoconferencing environments for organisations looking for high security, workflow and automation.


High definition, fully managed and hosted cloud-based or hosted solutions complete with high capacity video, audio and web conferencing technologies


Service desk, service management, field services, service operations and cybersecurity


Streamlined, integrated, and intuitive systems for ease and efficiency that supports VC&C solutions


Holistic enterprise-wide hardware and software VC&C solutions for secure and non secure environments

Case Study - Integrated Health

We are the leading provider of unified communications to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH), Australia’s most advanced hospital. We have designed and installed unified communications infrastructure across more than 300 spaces.


nRAH is positioned to be a global leader in health delivery and showcases the real benefits that contemporary digital technologies can provide towards better health outcomes. Underpinning this is the communication and collaboration infrastructure designed, installed and commissioned by us.

Case Study - World's largest multi-point VC solution

We delivered the world’s largest multi-point video conferencing solution to one of Australia’s leading universities.


We designed and delivered an integrated solution based on a platform that integrated different video technologies, enabling real-time video conferencing and collaboration from any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world.


We provided a communication solution that connected over 25,000 students across 13 campuses in Australia and internationally. The solution also integrated seamlessly with other scheduling systems, audio visual and recording systems.