At Citadel, I am provided with freedom and autonomy

Meet Sean Lengyel

Sean is the Head of Cyber Security at Citadel and manages cyber security across the company for both internal IT environments and our customer-facing systems.

Sean has been with Citadel since 2018 and was thrown in the deep end when he joined. He was given the task of achieving ISO27001 certification for Citadel’s secure content manager platform, Citadel-IX.

This was a complex task that was achieved in a record time of four months. Even the Auditor commented that he had never seen an organisation achieve the certification within this time, with most organisations taking 12-18 months to complete the certification process.

Staying one step ahead of cybercriminals

Sean spends most of his time using critical thinking, problem solving skills and creative thinking to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals to ensure that Citadel is kept safe from cyber threats, which he admits keeps him up some nights! Sean also participated in Citadel’s Future Leaders program which helped fast track his career at Citadel and built his critical leadership skills.

''Stay safe, think secure"

For anyone looking to pursue a career in Sean’s field, his advice is to be prepared to work hard, but try to work smart. Use critical thinking and build on your problem solving skills because you will never have a playbook for 90% + situations you’ll find yourself in. Above all, listen to everyone, really listen, no matter who they are because everyone plays their part in the war against cyber criminals.

Sean’s motto is “Stay safe, think secure”.

Coping in the new world

How is Sean coping in this new world of social distancing and lockdowns? He uses online collaboration tools to communicate with friends and colleagues. Whilst working from home he also takes advantage of not being interrupted to focus on tasks that require a significant amount of concentration, which is crucial in his role.

Mastering his own destiny

What does Sean love most about his role? He is able to ‘’Master his own destiny’’ as he is provided with the freedom and autonomy to use his skills and expertise to achieve the best outcomes for Citadel.

Sean’s career goal is to become a Chief Information Security Officer and he has also recently been entertaining the idea of one day starting his own business to help protect small-medium sized Australian organisations as most do not have any internal cyber capabilities. Cyber Security capabilities are such an important function of any business in the modern age and many small-medium sized businesses cannot afford fully functional internal cyber security capabilities due to a skills shortage and the high cost to establish a dedicated security operations team.