At Citadel, your idea will be heard

“Citadel is the one organisation where I have truly felt welcomed. I’ve never worked somewhere where the CEO will walk up to my desk to have a chat. I know I can ask a question or seek guidance from the Senior Leaders, anytime. It doesn’t matter how senior you are at Citadel, everyone is willing to invest time in others.”

Sam joined Citadel in early 2016 as an administrative support officer while she was studying at the Canberra Institute of Technology. Sam comes from a diverse work history, having started working when she was 17 in New York at a hospital in the medical records department. On Sam’s first day at Citadel, she received some advice from the National Security Lead: “Work yourself out of your job by automating tasks. In doing this, your role will eventually become self-sustainable and you can move to bigger and better things”. This inspired Sam and she started automating her role, enabling more efficient processes. Sam now works as a Business Systems Analyst and spends her time reviewing systems and processes, identifying inefficiencies and making improvement recommendations to clients.

Sam has played a key role in the implementation and development of an information system within Citadel, by leveraging the ServiceNow platform. Today, Citadel has partnered with ServiceNow to provide clients with services to optimise, automate and enable efficiency within their internal systems and processes. Sam is a true asset to Citadel and is also part of Citadel’s Future Leaders Program, a program developed ‘by staff, for staff’ to provide development pathways to Citadel employees.

While working at Citadel, Sam has finished her studies in Leadership, Management and HRM. Sam wasn’t originally an ‘IT person’, she became passionate about information systems and processes at Citadel, and now enjoys dabbling in IT language such as javascript. Sam aspires to become a systems and implementation specialist within Citadel and her biggest achievement has been playing a key role in system development right through to seeing the ServiceNow system become ‘live’ at client sites.

When reflecting on Citadel, Sam says that: “At Citadel, employees decide on their passion and the business encourages you and supports you. It’s not about the seniority of your role, it’s about what you bring to the table. At Citadel, your idea will be heard”.