Learn and progress at Citadel

“Citadel provides you with the opportunity to learn and progress.”

Leanne is a mum and a musician, and has worked with Citadel for almost 10 years in a range of different roles. Leanne spent 2018 working as a consultant within a secure agency to implement a security information management system that assists the agency in protecting their people. This was important work that involved working on technology that incorporated behavioural analytics, threat identification and identity management.

When asked what she liked most about working with Citadel, Leanne said that Citadel provided her with many opportunities to learn and progress. Leanne joined Citadel with no corporate or technical experience and now pinches herself in reflecting on some of the projects she has been involved with.

During her time at Citadel, Leanne is encouraged and supported throughout her growth, having achieved formal qualifications in Project Management and Training and Assessment and provided with opportunities to work in different roles. Leanne has spent her time at Citadel working on a range of diverse projects which she attributes to her unique communication skills. Leanne feels confident speaking to anyone, regardless of role, and has developed strong relationships inside and outside of Citadel.

Leanne feels like she has grown with Citadel, having joined some time ago when the Company was much smaller than it is today.

Leanne is passionate about collaboration and bringing different processes and systems together. She has recently finished her project with the secure agency and is now working on an internal enterprise resource project which consolidates a number of different business processes across the business.

What’s Leanne’s motto?

Get up, dress up, and show up.