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The combination of increasing cyber-attacks and remote working has amplified the risks and costs of secure information management across state and federal government agencies. However, early adopters have used these drives to modernize their Enterprise Content Management and advance their secure cloud government ICT strategies. Join our federal & state government-industry session to get everything we’ve learned from migrating and managing 50k+ Content Manager users into Citadel IX; our IRAP protected secure cloud and fully managed service.

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Convenience & Flexibility

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Better User Compliance

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The Secure Cloud Experience

“With Citadel IX we now has a more secure, faster, more flexible and more cost-effective content management solution. All staff can now work remotely with confidence and can access Content Manager through an encrypted internet link that can be accessed from any device, anywhere.”

Program Manager, NSW Crown Solicitors Office

Dennis P.

“It was vital to protect the identities of certain people who gave evidence at the Commission’s hearings and certain people affected by the inquiry in other ways.

“Releasing this information could have put their safety or the safety of people close to them at serious risk. Security was mission-critical, and Citadel had previously delivered for other government clients, so they fully understood this requirement.”

Oliver Way,, Royal Commision, Director of Operations,

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