NSW Crown Solicitors Office modernise information governance in the secure cloud with Citadel IX

Micro Focus has announced that the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office, through Micro Focus implementation partner is partner of the year  Citadel, has recently completed its move to cloud with Content Manager Select Software as a Service (SaaS), an innovative managed service solution. This project is the latest in part of a large program of work to modernise the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office.

The NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office’s principal objective is to advise and represent agencies so that they can deliver the NSW Government’s policies, programs, and projects in a lawful, effective, and efficient manner.

The NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office holds highly-sensitive, protected information that needs a strong level of security. It was looking for a cloud-based solution that would give it more control over the information being held on behalf of the NSW government agencies. The main requirement was to achieve Information Security Registered Assessor Program (IRAP) certification. Additionally, Content Manager Select SaaS was chosen because of its ISO 27001 certification as well as uses cases including Royal Commissions in Victoria.

In addition, the greater reliance on collaboration and working securely from any location highlighted by COVID-19 further reinforced the sensitive nature of the information being held and the need to have a secure, robust, and reliable cloud-based solution.

Content Manager Select SaaS is a flexible, and future proof enterprise content management solution that enables customers to meet their compliance, regulatory, and privacy obligations while leveraging the benefits of cloud computing. Content Manager Select SaaS is highly secure and the only content management solution in Australia available with IRAP protected capability out of the box.

Michael Antonios, program manager, NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office, said, “The NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office was pleased with the rapid roll out, which saw the project delivered within one week and under budget. With Content Manager Select, the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office now has a more secure, faster, more flexible, and more cost-effective content management solution. All staff can now work remotely with confidence and can access Content Manager Select through an encrypted internet link that can be accessed from any device, anywhere.”

Content Manager Select SaaS provides the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office with a solution that protects critical information and gives it the independence and control it was looking for. The solution can hold all sensitive information in a way that gives the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office full control and can be partitioned as required to ensure that only authorised agencies can access the information they need. The IRAP assessment is complete and there is an ongoing process to ensure compliance against the standard as well as the identification and management of threats accelerated and compounded by COVID-19.

Brandon Voight, regional director of sales, information management, Micro Focus, said, “With Content Manager Select SaaS, the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office can be assured that sensitive information is protected. Securing information and having IRAP-protected solutions is critical for government organisations. Many government agencies are grappling with increased cyberthreats, and increased expectations around flexible work. The two most important assets for any organisation are its people and its data, and these are both becoming increasing separated. Content Manager Select SaaS provides a modern and secure approach to capturing, finding, and managing information while meeting compliance obligations.”