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EVOLUTION is a highly scalable and configurable Enterprise Class Laboratory Information System which has specialised functionality for multi-site organisations. It is an integrated system that has been in operation in small, medium and large laboratory environments in the health sector for over 25 years.

The EVOLUTION Results Reporting Module provides the client with a flexible report formatting tool. All results are able to be configured as templates and can include text, tabular data, graphs and images as required. This can then be formatted to provide a visually pleasing and informative output. The results can be exported as HL7, PIT, csv or pdf format depending on the preferred format required by the range of GP’s and other referrers. EVOLUTION is able to transmit encrypted results to GP’s and other referrers via a variety of messaging agents.

EVOLUTION has been certified by Medicare Australia for online claiming and has a comprehensive billing system integrated with the application. EVOLUTION supports over 300 different analyser interfaces.


AUSCARE provides clinicians with intelligent views to assist in the management of their patient’s clinical result information.
AUSCARE includes the full workflow for the clinician from paperless electronic ordering of diagnostic tests through to reviewing and approving result reports, preparing clinical summaries and discharge summaries for patients.
AUSCARE also provides a specialist function to positively identify a patient at the time a sample is being taken to further reduce errors in specimen collection and labelling.


CHARM is an Oncology Information Management Solution that has been developed to support the multi-disciplinary team involved in the care of patients with cancer. This stand-alone system is capable of integrating with the multiple applications used in both the public and private health systems, and has been developed to comply with Health Level 7 (HL7) standards for electronic data exchange.

Data collection and legislative requirements are supported through reference to the following standards and documents:, ICD-10-AM, AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, NCI Common Toxicity Criteria, NSW Clinical Cancer Data Dictionary, and the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare Schedule.

Our most current version of CHARM™ is Information Management Solution Enterprise Model. This edition has expanded functionality to enable the deployment of CHARM™ across a regional health service.  This model recognises that when a patient receives treatment for cancer or a cancer related illness, care is often provided at more than one facility.

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e-Blood is a blood banking system that enhances the operation of the transfusion laboratory, and ensures the safe and timely release of blood and other products to patients. e-Blood is a Laboratory Information System (LIS) specifically designed for blood banking and greatly improves the safety of transfusion practice, reduces blood wastage and increases laboratory efficiency.


Anaesthetic Private Practice is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) practice management and billing solution for the anaesthetist market.


We provide Australia’s best online end to end anaesthetic diary and billing software, designed exclusively for anaesthetics. Suitable for individual anaesthetists and groups, Anaesthetic Private Practice (APP) features an advanced anaesthetic diary function, Informed Financial Consent capability, Medicare and Eclipse billing, in addition to debtor and financial management. APP software is affordable, easy to use, saves anaesthetists valuable time and is provided from a highly secure, Australian-based cloud data centre.


We manage direct and indirect care workflows, collect relevant information to drive positive clinical outcomes, provides real-time analytics to improve clinician and patient care.

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