Business Critical Software

Laboratory Information Systems

We support over 34 laboratories, 3,500 laboratory staff on a 24/7 basis using Australia’s largest laboratory information systems, AUSLAB Evolution and AUSCARE. AUSLAB Evolution and AUSCARE are highly configurable systems which have specialised functionality for supporting multiple pathology forensic and veterinary laboratories. They are available both on-premise or in the cloud.


AUSLAB Evolution is an Enterprise Class Laboratory Information Management System that seamlessly integrates with instruments and other systems and provides unrivalled flexibility to customise data fields, reference lists, user privileges, workflows and reports to your needs.


AUSCARE is used by over 30,000 clinical staff every month and provides clinicians with intelligent views to assist in the management of their patient’s clinical result information.

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Oncology eHealth System

The CHARM Oncology Solution is a patient centric solution utilised by multidisciplinary teams involved in the delivery of care to the oncology patient. This solution manages all clinical and administrative aspects of a patient’s cancer care, including cross-site and multi-disciplinary teams.


This solutions mitigates compliance, clinical, financial and administrative risk by ensuring the most up to date patient information is available to all healthcare providers, in real time, when making important clinical and prescribing decisions. Over 65,000 patients have had their treatment managed using CHARM.


We also have a certified interface into the award winning BloodNet online blood ordering and inventory system from the National Blood Authority.


Laboratory Information systems, eHealth records, oncology information systems, blood management and tailored solutions


Bespoke design and build of systems, managed and integration services


Providing clinicians with intelligent views to assist in patient clinical result management


Fully configurable system which ensures that accurate, assessable data is available for clinicians

Kapish Productivity Suite

We offer a series of software modules linked to HPE TRIM and content manager that enhances productivity, workflow automation and systems integration.


As a Microfocus Platinum Partner, we aim to provide our customers with the best software, services and support for all versions of the Electronic Document and Records Management System, HPE Content Manager (formerly known as HP TRIM & HP Records Manager).


Our extensive range of software solutions are designed to easily integrate into existing systems or be implemented as new solutions, enable projects to be delivered faster, more effectively and with a higher degree of success.

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Case Study - eHealth Integration

We run the largest Australian-based laboratory information system supporting over 34 laboratories, 3500 laboratory staff on a 24/7 basis.


This system supports over 50,000 daily transactions (40% of all public hospital tests nationwide) and holds over 28 years of patient history. This solution includes:

  • Order placement and management
  • Positive patient identification
  • Specimen and image handling
  • Point of care testing
  • Biochemistry, microbiology and haematology
  • Molecular diagnostics and molecular genetics
  • Immunology, oncology and anatomical pathology