Business Critical Software

Laboratory Information Systems

We support over 34 laboratories, 3,500 laboratory staff on a 24/7 basis using Australia’s largest laboratory information systems, AUSLAB Evolution and AUSCARE. AUSLAB Evolution and AUSCARE are highly configurable systems which have specialised functionality for supporting multiple pathology forensic and veterinary laboratories. They are available both on-premise or in the cloud.


AUSLAB Evolution is an Enterprise Class Laboratory Information Management System that seamlessly integrates with instruments and other systems and provides unrivalled flexibility to customise data fields, reference lists, user privileges, workflows and reports to your needs.


AUSCARE is used by over 30,000 clinical staff every month and provides clinicians with intelligent views to assist in the management of their patient’s clinical result information.

Oncology eHealth System

The CHARM Oncology Solution is a patient centric solution utilised by multidisciplinary teams involved in the delivery of care to the oncology patient. This solution manages all clinical and administrative aspects of a patient’s cancer care, including cross-site and multi-disciplinary teams.


This solutions mitigates compliance, clinical, financial and administrative risk by ensuring the most up to date patient information is available to all healthcare providers, in real time, when making important clinical and prescribing decisions. Over 65,000 patients have had their treatment managed using CHARM.


We also have a certified interface into the award winning BloodNet online blood ordering and inventory system from the National Blood Authority.


Laboratory Information systems, eHealth records, oncology information systems, blood management and tailored solutions


Bespoke design and build of systems, managed and integration services


Providing clinicians with intelligent views to assist in patient clinical result management


Fully configurable system which ensures that accurate, assessable data is available for clinicians

Case Studies

Case Study - Enabling Complex eHealth Solutions

As a result of a merger, our client was faced with operating and maintaining 10 different Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) across its 20+ laboratory sites. Our client was keen to optimise service delivery and generate efficiencies across the business by selecting and implementing a single/common LIS with flexible workflow configurations.


The solution provided reduced operational risk through common standardised processes, administrative efficiencies and improved Patient Services including:

  • The utilisation of a common LIS solution allowed standardised processes and testing
  • Fast and accurate registration
  • A truly paperless system
  • Configuration to support key health reforms and priority areas
  • Increased productivity due to faster report delivery with fewer errors
  • Full available of patient histories across facilities, enhancing responsiveness in customer care and wider health system reporting
  • The ability to maximize revenue and cash flows through an integrated billing engine

Case Study - eHealth Integration

Citadel implemented the largest Australian based Laboratory Information System (LIS) to a whole of state health services provider to consolidate their 34 laboratories into a single LIS which supports more than 25,000 daily transactions by over 30,000 clinicians. This solution services over 3,500 laboratory staff, 650 specialists analysers and 2000 printers on a 24/7 basis.

  • Highly configurable to suit your requirements
  • Pre-analytical processing and order management
  • Specimen collection and handling
  • Point of care testing and image management
  • Integrated billing engine
  • Comprehensive integration to instrumentation, third-party software and web portals