Big Data & Information Management


Citadel Information Exchange (Citadel-IX) combines enterprise information management with secure cloud based technology, value add software and premium service management as a scalable and standard package or can be tailored to meet specific organisational needs.

  • Latest technology and software to support cloud first strategies
  • Enterprise wide content management for organisations of all sizes
  • Flexibility to use Citadel’s secure cloud platform or top tier cloud providers
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and support from local experts
  • Flexible pricing arrangements
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Assured Identity Management

Citadel’s Assured Identity Management (AIM) platform provides an overarching identity management service for ensuring agency compliance with the internal personnel security and privacy requirements of the Australian Government.


AIM is a complete Identity-as-a-Service solution which is a simple and secure. The solution integrates with all systems, ensuring that all components of an identity reside in one location which eliminates errors and duplications.


AIM ensures one trusted identity and total compliance with regulations and security vetting requirements. Verified data workflows ensure that security clearance records are accurate and enabling or disabling user access can be done immediately without IT requests.


Citadel-Social is a social media platform that delivers comprehensive coverage of real-time monitoring of digital social media threats and security attacks, with alert and quarantine abilities. This hybrid on premise platform has an artificial intelligence powered cloud that finds social media risks and takes action.


Security attacks are increasing and every industry is effected by digital threats. As companies adopt digital communication they struggle to meet security and compliance challenges. Citadel-Social protects companies and government agencies against digital threats and security attacks and allows businesses to monitor social media activity in real time, and react and respond efficiently.


Citadel Social manages and catalogues all social media activity and stores it directly in the Citadel-IX™ Secure Information Management Solution.

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Secure integration of your enterprise information management solutions


A security surveillance solution that detects and acts on malicious activity to prevent cyber attacks
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Case Study - Australia's largest Enterprise Content Management System

We designed, implemented Australia’s largest Enterprise Content Management System environment which supports over 37,000 users daily. We trained and migrated over 110,000 information users as part of the implementation which involved 65 servers being replicated across different sites.

  • Single repository for easy capture, access and storage
  • Security controls and monitoring to mitigate risks
  • 24/7 support and change management training
  • Standard operating procedures and user manuals


After the implementation, over 350 million electronic documents are accessed by information users on an ‘as required’ basis. The client has saved over $22 million since the implementation.