Big Data & Knowledge Management

With so much information flooding modern workplaces, it’s increasingly harder to find what you want, when you want, and to know whether or not it is the right version.


At Citadel, we manage this complexity so as to provide you with the right information every time, anywhere, anytime, on any device. And, being cognisant of your earlier investments in technology, we always try and leverage these through re-use, automating integration and making iterative enhancements so as to deliver enhanced capabilities for minimum cost.


Our best practice approach to enterprise integration helps you make informed decisions on how to work within this complex and converging environment.

Citadel Information Exchange is a secure data platform that provides secure information storage and access to support real-time decisions across Health, National Security and Defence Industries.

Citadel brings its deep security and information management expertise together, utilising cloud technology to deliver a secure and trusted, fully hosted solution.

Citadel’s Assured Identity Management (AIM) is a complete identity-as-a-service solution which enables organisations to establish and manage a single unique identity record for each person. Any changes to that identity record synchronise automatically across the organisation.

We offer a series of software modules linked to HPE TRIM and content manager that enhances productivity, workflow automation and systems integration.

Our extensive range of software solutions is designed to easily integrate into existing systems or be implemented as new solutions, enable projects to be delivered faster, more effectively and with a higher degree of success.



Secure integration of your enterprise information management solutions


A security surveillance solution that detects and acts on malicious activity to prevent cyber attacks

Australia's largest Enterprise Content Management System

Citadel provided the design, implementation and support to Australia’s largest Enterprise Content Management System environment on a 24/7 globally-distributed basis. This included providing specialist technical advice on security architectures, access control, e-discovery and data spill management.

  • Single repository for easy capture, access and storage
  • Security controls and monitoring to mitigate risks
  • 24/7 support and change management training
  • Standard operating procedures and user manuals


A fully managed system was tailored for the client which was easy to learn, and easy to use. The system supports over 37,000 users daily and included data migration tools and execution. Citadel trained and migrated over 60,000 users as part of the implementation which involved 65 servers being replicated across different sites.


After the implementation, over 250 million electronic documents are accessed by users on an ‘as required’ basis. Citadel’s fully managed service included implementation and change management support to ensure new and existing users can quickly upskill.


The client has saved over $22 million since the implementation in 2006.

IT Infrastructure

Citadel provided a team of technical and business experts with proven skills and experience in Commonwealth procurement activity and complex ICT service delivery. A part of this project was the Regional Information and Communication Technology Market Testing Project (RICTMT), a business improvement initiative by the Defence Support Group. This project ran for 4 years with a value of $300 million and provided Defence with the best value solution for the provision of regional ICT support services.

  • Specialist consultants and contractors
  • Skil-share and transfer between specialist consultants and contractors with permanent employees
  • Predictability of project resourcing requirements and skill to task matching.


Citadel provided recommendations to Defence including restructuring the current environment to enable a proper market test, manage the change program and improvements on the overall regional ICT services. This work included the assessment and development of the Defence Request For Tender process.

  • Flexible team resourcing based on point in time skill requirements
  • Reorganisation and restructure of the current Service Delivery Model lines enabling easier market testing comparison
  • Access to skilled resources reducing overall implementation costs and timeframes