About Citadel

We Keep People and Information Safe

Citadel is an enterprise software and services company that specialises in:

  • Improving patient healthcare outcomes
  • Securely managing system critical data
  • Supporting enterprise clients to deliver critical IT projects and services
  • Enabling anytime, anywhere communication and collaboration.

Our Service Offerings

Our service offerings include:

  • Best of breed health software
  • Document Records Management System Managed Services
  • Provision of specialist technical and security cleared personnel
  • Cloud enabled information management software
  • Design, installation and management of complex communication and collaboration technology.

Industry Applications

  • In Health, Citadel owns and operates Australia’s largest laboratory information system supporting over 60 laboratories and 70,000 staff on a 24/7/365 basis. Over 50,000 transactions are conducted daily and we hold over 28 years of patient histories.


  • For our valued National Security clients, we have developed a range of big data management systems, including a national counter-terrorism fusion platform as well as a citizen-centric security and incident management digital platform (a modern-day digital 000/911) designed to keep people safe.
  • For Defence, Citadel created and continues to manage Australia’s largest enterprise content management solution, which holds over 500 million secure objects including corporate files, reports, personnel records, and operational information. This is delivered seamlessly to users wherever they may be using a range of authentication, security, workflow automation and digital integration solutions.


  • Other Enterprises, such as education providers, government agencies and financial services companies, use our digital solutions to enhance collaboration and facilitate their operations through automated integration with other ERP systems.

Citadel Group Companies

Citadel Ownership

From 2014 to 2020 The Citadel Group limited was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.  In December 2020 Citadel was acquired by Pacific Equity Partners (PEP). PEP is a leading Australian private equity firm that has a strong track record of successful investments across several target industries, including healthcare, technology and education. PEP’s acquisition will result in a great match of culturally aligned organisations, and provides Citadel with the funding required to invest in its global growth plans and allows the company to develop new software products that address the industry’s biggest challenges.