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Case Study - New Royal Adelaide Hospital

Under a Public Private Partnership (PPP); Citadel Technology Solutions (CitadelTech) is a member of the Joint Venture team engaged by to deliver the New Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH), which is a $1.8billion major infrastructure project for South Australia Health (SA Health). As well as being a fully functional, high tech hospital; the nRAH also has a role as a tertiary training hospital preparing under-grad and post-grad health professionals for their future.


  • Video Collaboration and Communications
  • Audio Visual
  • Wayfinding
  • Digital Signage/Kiosk
  • IPTV
  • Consulting & Design
  • Project Management Implementation
  • User Testing & Acceptance
  • PPP
  • Training


  • Barco
  • Cisco
  • Crestron
  • NEC


  • CitadelTech’s VC&C Solution Design Methodology
  • PMBoK
  • ITIL v3
Special medical equipment in modern hospital


Under the PPP, CitadelTech is responsible for the consultancy, design, project management, implementation, maintenance and ongoing support of all the Audio Visual, Video Conferencing, Wayfinding, Integrated Health Technology, IPTV and Digital Signage solutions for the entire hospital precinct. In consultation with SA Health, CitadelTech has developed a highly innovative and cutting edge solution for the nRAH, catering for the:

  • Technical Suites and Operating Rooms
  • Teaching and Learning spaces, including a 200 seat Lecture Theatre
  • Kiosks to support the facility’s Wayfinding/Wayshowing Strategy
  • Digital Signage for information dissemination; and
  • IPTV to distribute Free-to-Air television stations


Within the consortium, Citadel Technology Solutions has undertaken the design, installation and integration of a range of leading communication technology solutions involving:

  • 40 Technical Suites incorporating fully integrated video conferencing and data recording and telemedicine systems
  • Lecture theatre supported by six additional learning spaces all supporting remote video conferencing and online collaborative tools
  • Check-in, Location and Way finding Kiosks throughout the new facility, including visual signage and public information displays
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

The nRAH is a true example of next generation, digital integration, unmatched in the Australian Health Sector today. CitadelTech’s Solution Architects are utilising best of breed technologies to ensure that the solution is reliable, capable and flexible, which are the key requirements of the brief. In very close consultation with key stakeholders and end user representatives from SA Health and HYLC, CitadelTech have designed a solution that extends the capabilities of this technology hospital to new heights; allowing for the capture, streaming and video conference of live events – live in medical consultation or for later use in training – enabling visual collaboration and communications with personnel from within and external to the hospital precinct.


Add to this the capability to guide visitors on their journey through the hospital via electronic Wayfinding technologies; the nRAH is an excellent example of what a next generation health facility should be. The range of spaces and solutions are varied, both in complexity and functionality.


The nRAH team values and appreciates our ability to get the job done and delivery solutions that save money and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse emissions. Our solutions promote benefits in:

  • Productivity – through enabling remote and virtual teamwork, cutting travel expenses and regaining the valuable lost productivity associated with travel
  • Efficiency – through an improved way finding system supporting patient and visitor flow
  • Security – minimising risks associated with sensitive health information through building the right security model as part of a fully integrated visual communications solution
  • Reliability – through providing ongoing maintenance and support includes scheduled technology refreshes to ensure effective and efficient service delivery
  • Collaboration – supporting people separated by distance to communicate and work together effectively


Secure video communications including enterprise-wide managed services


Enterprise-wide video, audio and web communications solutions or end-to-end visual collaboration and communications managed services


Solutions for eHealth including visual collaboration and communication health technologies to assist in delivering modern health services


Solutions for collaborative and blended learning teaching spaces including a broad range of visual collaboration and communication technologies that assist in delivering modernised teaching and learning

Case Study - The Australian Defence Force

CitadelTech has been supporting the Defence Secure Video Environment (DVSE) since its inception in May 1997. We provide managed services to more than 300 sites nationally and manage an average 1000 DVSE conferences per month.


  • End-to-end Video Collaboration and Communications Services
  • Consulting and Design
  • Project Management Implementation
  • User Testing and Acceptance
  • Secure Environment


  • CitadelTech’s VC&C Solution Design Methodology
  • PMBoK
  • ITIL v3
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Defence required a trusted and experienced Video Communications and Collaboration partner who could consult, design, install, manage and support all VC&C equipment in a secure environment.  Defence required a range of insdustry led but security focused solutions including designs and flexible support services to ensure operational costs were predictable and controlled.


This included the ability to provide a dedicated Videoconferencing Network Operations Centre (VNOC) that would support the Department during business hours for domsetic business use and 24 x 7 services to all Government deployed capabilities. The deployed systems include mission critical systems that support the Australian Government activities within the Middle Eastern Area of Operations (MEAO).


The VNOC support capability maintains standard hours to provide a cost effective ad-hoc and scheduled 24×7 support service to over 1000 sites nationally and internationaly. The VNOC needed to be able to support both ISDN and IP video networks as well as cater for fixed and deployable technologies.


CitadelTech provides its clients with the entire end to end solution. Audio Visual is the significant factor to a seamless VC&C solution. The audio visual supports the VC&C solution by providing the components to display the video or content, to hear the audio, and to ensure the system is running as a unified solution. CitadelTech designs take the complexities out of technology, allowing our clients to fulfil business objectives without being distracted by the technology.


CitadelTech was engaged by Telstra as the preferred VC&C technology partner to design, implement and manage the solution. CitadelTech has procurement strategies through the relevant Government panels and sole-source arrangements to meet Defence requirements since 1997.


CitadelTech designed a solution to supply visual collaboration and communication technology and services including consultancy, technology, implementation, maintenance, help desk support and managed services (including a dedicated VNOC) to over 1000 sites nationally.


CitadelTech has been operating Australia’s most secured and sensitive VNOC since 1997 in support of the entire Department of Defence and other Security focused Government departments for all of its deployed operations. Citadel Technology Solutions has the only ITIL aligned VNOC in Australia that supports ISDN and IP video networks in multiple Classified Security environments.


As Telstra’s VC&C technology partner, CitadelTech has maintained a continuous and sole supplier relationship with Telstra for the design, supply, and implementation of various technology and operational enhancements to the DSVE network.


KPI’s in this 24x7x365 mission-critical environment are naturally stringent and ServicePoint has always maintained mission critical capabilities in support of Government operational requirements.. During the last 15+ years, CitadelTech has received numerous letters of commendation from senior ranking Defence personnel for services provided during mission critical events, and commendation for our high-quality of services provided at all times.


Reduced operational costs through access to flexible service support hours to support Defence in mission critical situations.


CitadelTech is also a member of the Defence Industry Support Program (DISP) and has maintained compliancy for the past 15 years. The DISP requirement has allowed us to provide sufficiently security cleared and briefed personnel to meet the Australian Government’s Operational requriements.

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